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The PEN All-India Center, West Bengal chapter ( Eastern India) - Bulletin

Bulletin: 7 th Feb. 2011

The PEN All-India Center, West Bengal chapter ( Eastern India)
44E, Kalupara Lane, Kolkata – 700031,West Bengal. India.
Phone: +91 9433580903 (secretary), +91 9477773288 ( campaign and communication)

Chairman: Mr. Sunil Gangopadhya, Vice chairman : Mr. Surojit Das
Honorary secretary and treasurer: Mr. Ranjan Gupta, Assistant secretary :Mr. Shyamal Bandopadhyay. Canpaign and communication executive: Mr. Albert Ashok

Dear Writers,

We are ‘West Bengal chapter ( Eastern India)’ an unit of an undivided organization, ‘The PEN All- India Center’ of ‘PEN International’. A world wide writers association, where writers from all cultures meet to discuss, debate and communicate.

‘PEN International’, originally founded in 1921 to promote literature, today International PEN has 145 Centres in 104 countries across the globe. It recognises that literature is essential to understanding and engaging with other worlds; if you can't hear the voice of another culture how can you understand it?

Our primary goal is to engage with, and empower, societies and communities across cultures and languages, through reading and writing. We believe that writers can play a crucial role in changing and developing civil society. We do this through the promotion of literature, international campaigning on issues such as translation and freedom of expression and improving access to literature at international, regional and national levels.

Our membership is open to all qualified writers who subscribe to the PEN Charter regardless of nationality, language, race, colour or religion. International PEN is a non-political organisation and has special consultative status at UNESCO and the United Nations.

International PEN brings together writers, journalists, poets – all those using the written word to promote ideas – in the common belief that it is through this sharing that bridges of understanding can be built between peoples. These bridges cross political, geographical, ethnic, cultural, religious and other divides.

It is for this reason that the protection of the right to freedom of expression – the freedom to express ideas without fear of attack, arrest or other persecution – has been at the heart of International PEN's work since it was formed in 1921.

We, ‘The PEN All- India Center, West Bengal chapter ( Eastern India)’ follow the charter and rules of PEN International.
The West Bengal Chapter (Eastern India) of ‘The PEN All – India Center’ is active since its inception as an Indian center of International PEN in the late thirties. You will find it mentioned in the memoirs or in autobiographies of early Prominent Bengali writers. We are happy that this old organization through many ups and downs, till today, is active. At present, our chair person is Mr. Sunil Gangopadhya, an internationally famed writer. He is the successor of Mr. Annada Shankar Roy, an eminent Writer. And honourary secretary and treasurer Mr. Ranjan Gupta, A reputed poet, and writer.

Mr Ranjit Hoskote, a well known poet and writer is the honorary secretary and treasurer at the main center in Mumbai. The PEN All India Center.Theosophy Hall 40 New Marine Lines Bombay 400 020, India

We west Bengal chapter, as an independent unit, had sheltered , published and projected writers earlier for decades in a regular basis. We had a communication gap (between Mumbai and WestBengal) for long, about decades, the main two activities center in India.

At present we are in touch of each other.

From this year, we have intended to publish an annual literary issue every year. It is not yet decided what the title of the issue should be, perhaps, ‘Indian Annual PEN’ or ‘The Flowing Pen’ or something else better would be suit or entitled.

What We shall Publish
We follow the rules of International PEN org Uk.

We shall publish short stories, poems, excerpts from longer works and essays. (‘Essays' is a very broad topic and can include (but is not limited to) memoir, biography, travelogue, journalism, commentary and much more.) Longer works that may be excerpted include novels, plays or screenplays and works of nonfiction. Narrative graphic art or excerpts from graphic novels will also be considered.
We shall not publish book reviews, though essays of literary criticism are accepted. Submissions that have been previously published or that are published simultaneously elsewhere, are accepted. Publication will have preferably occurred within two years of the issue of ‘Indian Annual PEN’ for which the work is being offered. The author of a submitted work must take care to ensure that he or she holds the rights to submit the work in question, or has obtained permission to do so. This is true in the case of all submissions, but especially those that have previously been published elsewhere (in whole or in part) or that will be published in the future. Anyone submitting work of which they are not the author (e.g. a translator or someone submitting the work of a deceased writer), is likewise responsible for ensuring they have permission to do so. Please note that ‘Indian Annual PEN’ is unable to provide remuneration for any work submitted and/or published. However, we do offer contributors one complimentary copy of the magazine.
The rights to any work published will remain with the author, and may be re-published elsewhere. If a given work (excepting excerpts) is re-published elsewhere after first appearing in ‘Indian Annual PEN’, the inclusion of the following line (or similar) at the end of the text is appreciated.
This story/poem/essay/article first appeared in ‘Indian Annual PEN’ 20XX.

We cannot publish everything we receive. You will be notified of the status of your submission within six weeks of its receipt if it is selected for our annual issue. Please include a short biographical paragraph with your submission, for the magazine's ‘Contributors' section.
Who May Submit : No matter who you are or where you reside, whether your work has never been published or whether you are internationally renowned, we would like to hear from you. You may be an aspiring writer, a professional writer or simply someone who has written something you would like to share.

Writing Guidelines : Languages and style Submissions are accepted in any Indian language or in English, whether written directly in one of these languages or translated from another language. No accompanying translations of a single submission will be published.
Except Bengali language, all writing should be typed, edited, correct spelling and above all it should be ready for press. Our magazine team will go through the offered matter and send for publication. India has a lot vernacular language or different state has different language, we are unable to edit any writing except Bengali. All entry should be readable, clearly written or typed.

Length and number of submissions : Submissions should be no longer than 2,500 words. Exceptions can be made; if you are worried about this, please contact the editor. A submission may require editing. In some cases it will be edited and sent back to the writer for approval; in others, the writer may be asked to edit it himself or herself. Multiple submissions from a single writer are encouraged. However, please do not send more than two stories or four poems. Only one work per author will be published.

How To Submit : We prefer submissions by post or hand to hand. For email submission, Please send to, as a Microsoft Word attachment with no graphics, photographs or illustrations.
The font should be Times New Roman, size 12 point, and lines should be 1.5 spaced. Indents are preferred at three spaces in from the margin. Text should be left-aligned.

In the subject box of the email, please format to read ‘Name of Writer: Title of Piece' and include a brief covering letter with a biographical paragraph and contact details. If it is not possible to send by email, please post your submission to: (our office address)
Please include a covering letter with contact details. Posted submissions will be returned only if a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage is provided. Faxed submissions are not accepted.

Your writing should reach us before 15 March 2011, for our April annual Issue

................. Below an explanatory and added text ............

1. We are publishing an annual Issue of writers from our Unit. And it will be continued every year at the same time in the month of April.

Any writer can send his writing, anything an excellence of literature in any Indian Language. There is a guideline, long writings should be within 2500 words, we shall consider little less or more of the flow of pen. Any kind of writing such as fiction, poem, essay, and anything innovative or creative of ideas, best writing of a writer, be it published or unpublished ( with mentioning that he has the authority to send it for publishing, we don’t pay any remuneration, because it is voluntary effort to promote freedom of expression through Art and Literature) Writings, except Bengali, those people belong to different language, such as Gujrati, Hindi, Tamil and many more should send their contribution as ready to print matter (i.e. it is their responsibilities to type, edit, and print if possible they should check their writing by a professional editor). Our editorial board has the sole right and authority to select or discard the entries that is sent for the the publishing in our annual issue.
Our focal point and attempt is to bring out writers in dark, unfamiliar, new, and who has no means to express his mind, finally, everything will be checked in the light of excellence of writings in terms of contemporary literature.
No writing we send back to the writers, so writers should keep their own copy. We shall not entertain any view on anything about our publication; the decision of editorial board is final.

2.On 25th April, 2011, All writers are cordially invited, to be present at
Bangla Academy,1/1, A. J. C. Bose Road, Kolkata-700020,
ph. 033-2223 9978 (bangla academy) Time : 5pm to 9pm.
Writer who want to read their writings or want to discuss any topic should contact before 31st march 2011, via mail at present office address : To Secretary: Ranjan Gupta, 44E, Kalupara Lane, Kolkata 700031, Participants should mention all his contact information and how long it will take and what is his subject.

3. Our PEN West Bengal Review Bulletin will be continued quarterly.

All communication :
44E, Kalupara Lane, Kolkata – 700031,West Bengal. India.
Phone: +91 9433580903 (secretary), +91 9477773288 ( campaign and communication)

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