Saturday, November 1, 2008

A letter From Adhir Ghatak, West Bengal PEN

A letter From Adhir Ghatak

shatabarsher aaloke PEN by adhir Ghatak ( The international PEN in centenary Light) I had posted earlier ( click ) "In search of history - All India PEN center "

Dear Albert,
Thanks for accommodating my article on PEN with your comment. As I told you, that was an article written on the request of the then Secretary, Mr. Deb Kumar Basu, on the centenary year of PEN. There may be errors but venture should be appreciated without comments. However, You tried atlast to include PEN West Bengal in the international arena.

It would be highly appreciated if you can include the following publications of a fellow PEN Life member of West Bengal :
Parabasi, a fiction in Bengali by Adhir Ghatak
Yayabar, a fiction in Bengali by Adhir Ghatak
Agaman, a fiction in Bengali by Adhir Ghatak
Saat Samudra, collection of three novels & four travelogues in Bengali by Adhir Ghatak
Maa Anandamaoyee, Life and teachings of Maa Anadamoyee by Adhir Ghatak
6. Journey Never Ends, a novel by Adhir Ghatak. Published by
With regards,
Adhir Ghatak

( the mail as he sent me I have posted here without editing - Albert Ashok)

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