Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In memory of Ms CHUN Sook-Hee

In memory of Ms CHUN Sook-Hee

It is with great sadness that Korean PEN informs the PEN Community of the death of Ms. CHUN Sook-Hee, ex-president of Korean PEN and Vice President of International PEN. She passed away due to old age at 91 at a hospital in Seoul, Korea on August 9th 2010. She served as President for Korean PEN from 1983 to 1991 devoting herself to the spirit of the PEN Charter, and hosted the International PEN Congress in 1988 in Seoul, Korea. She was elected a Vice President of International PEN in 1991.

Those who wish to offer condolences, it is recommended that you send emails to admin@penkorea.or.kr so that Korean PEN can deliver them to the bereaved family.

LEE Gil-Won
Korean PEN

Read : http://www.internationalpen.org.uk/go/news/in-memory-of-ms-chun-sook-hee

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