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Have a look Inside P E N West Bengal

Practicing PEN!

It has been a cult in the lives of writers in West Bengal. I can not remember exactly when this cult had pulled me in its sheer joyful actions, but I understand I am in P E N. Like me, there are numerous writers through out decades has been practicing this cult. Do you dare call them offenders? Do they need your recognition? For generation after generation, its started before I am born, so, how and when it started you explore the myth. You need it to explore if you felt the need really bites your nails, but how dare you call me to prove , I am born in P E N.

A gentleman who was a jewel of India and internationally famed writer, led this cult from the beginning, and held the reign for decades after decade under his arm in India , Maharastra and West Bengal, as President of All-India PEN center of International P E N. The reporting and news media has published this time and again. He himself used to be present in the literary functions held in various places in West Bengal PEN, specially at Bangla Academy. His name is Annada Shankar Roy. For through the decades, you will find the proof of this PEN cult at Bangla Academy run by West Bengal Government.

Most writers (in West Bengal and neighbouring states) when thinks himself involved with PEN, he feels a sheer joy and solidarity among writers community in land and abroad.
I have posted here some photographs that narrate my involvement in this cult over last decades.
A literary gathering, by West Bengal PEN. I am reading my poem, Late Mr. Dev Kr Basu, who was Hon. secretary and treasurer of West Bengal PEN, conducting the poetry reading session in an open air, ona huge stage at Kolkata Book Fair.
at the center, 4 th old gentleman from the right side is Mr Dev kr Basu, in front of Bangla Academy, with PEN member writers, I am at the left side next to the woman. this was taken sometimes before 2000.
Thousand people gather when we conduct a literary reading session, this is photographed in 2003, look the banner 'The PEN West Bengal'
I am reading my own poem, Prominent writers and dignitaries on the stage. This is also in Kolkata Book Fair, which is largest book fair in Asia.
This photograph is the same as above, taken from different angle. Dev Kr Basu is speaking something at the left next to me.
look at the banner, This is also clearly seen 'The PEN West Bengal'. Here a prominent writer is ceremoniously opening my book ( press release). Ananda Gopal Sengupta and Me. In the year of 2000.
This photo is also another one 2003 as above, a close view, The P E N West Bengal banner
click the photo, you will see it enlarged. This is inside Bangla Academy, we are felicitating Mr Dibyendu Palit on the occasion of his winning Sahitya Academy award for his contribution in Bengali literature. see, The PEN Banner is seen at the left side and Mr Annada Shankar Roy himself was present. Mr Annada Shankar Roy was president of all India PEN Center of International PEN, he himself led West Bengal Chapter most of his life.
This literary Function had been aired through national channel, Doordarshan in the prime time news. in the photo, Mr Dibyendu Palit and Me and at the right side Mr shibdas Basak, also a writer

This photograph was taken in 28 April 1989, probably. almost 20 years ago. from Left side Me, Late Mr. Dev Kr. Basu, famous journalist and poet Mr. Nirendra nath Chakraborty and undoubtedly Mr Annada Shankar Roy. And above him you can see the Banner ' The PEN West Bengal'

A thousand photographs of different events that is part of the PEN Cult in the lives of writers in Bengal can be shown, that this Bengal has the proof that it belongs to International PEN from the time it generated its center on Indian soil. Don't malign and supress our Rights, you are violating the serenity and calmness of a writers community in West Bengal, be gone. If you do not know the history of PEN West Bengal learn but don't talk foolishly, writers in Bengal are on the guard.
The email below is sent to me and to the executive director of International PEN, Caroline McCormick, read carefully how a man who calls himself a member of PEN center, and a secretary of all India Pen Center threatens and intimidates his fellow writer member. You should read also my next blog where I shall post and publish many emails that will tell What happens inside pen. How a man contradicts himself.

International PEN is against defamation law and defends 'Freedom of Expression' but here, you will find a secretary of Indian PEN Center is breaking the Human Rights and Charter of International PEN.
click this photo enlarged

Truth should prevail and its should be held high above all

On last 4 October, Ranjit Hoskote, secretary of present All India PEN (I am not aware how he became a secretary after Nissim Ezikiel , we have no data) sent a mail to Caroline McCormick, The executive Director of International PEN and me. He addressed it to Caroline, not me.

He wants to threaten me, intimidate me (read the email above).Why? Because, I wanted to become a PEN Member. And he would not let us (writers in West Bengal) be so. Though, West Bengal Chapter of All India PEN center is active, since its inception in 1934 in Mumbai, by Sophia Wadia. Mumbai has stopped communicating West Bengal chapter in the eighties, so I have the information. I sent a prayer to International PEN to open a New center in West Bengal. But International PEN has forced us to contact Mumbai, which is 2000 km away.Where it seems the community cleverly tries to avoid Writers in West Bengal. If you read all the emails rhat I am going to post you will find it true. I told International PEN all Problems, including the intentions of Mumbai center what reflected in correspondence throughout last few years.
Just you read the email Ranjit Hoskote has written. and see the photographs that I have in my possession. Do you think Ranjit is speaking the truth?

he said we did not communicate with them, but since his first mail I sent him more than a dozen mails but he never answers. in my next post in this blog I am publishing them all. Let the whole world know and people in Mumbai know what kind a man he is .

It started 29 June 2007. Read the whole story. Here, I shall publish all the emails that are the parts of the story within a few days. I shall take this matter to International PEN congress in Linz, Austriya.
I hope Keeping me in hold for last two years international PEN is discouraging us to work with PEN, Is it a sign of a PEN charter and ideals that started in 1921.

I have posted his Ranjit Hoskote’s email here for the readers (I expect all members of International PEN and it’s Centers world wide would read, and send me and concerned people their views. This is an intentional suppression and harassment towards the writers community in West Bengal) which is against the principle and charter of International PEN. I hope International community will take this matter seriously and find the people who has ill intention behind this and want to damage the reputation of solidarity among writers under The P E N without border. I fear such things could exist in other centers too. It should be stopped.

I have marked the aggressive lines and ready to put my answer in my next blog.

Mr. Annada Shankar Roy, a renowned writer and jewel of India was the president of All India PEN Center. He lived in Kolkata, and used to attend most cultural functions held by writers West Bengal chapter of All India PEN Center. For a few decades, most of his life, till his last breath, he was the President of all India PEN Center.

I am very much fortunate ( today, I think atleast) to have me photographed with him in literary gatherings, with a banner of PEN West Bengal to be a proof. Many writers, like me have such PEN document ( photograph with late Mr. Annada Shankar Roy, and a banner West Bengal PEN), probably since 1934, in Bengal many autobiography of renowned writers testify so. You will see more When you will find it in the biography/ autobiography of Mr Roy, elaborately he narrated, that how strong Bengal chapter had been and had contribution in All India PEN Center.

I hope Mr Annada Shankar Roy knew more than Ranjit Hoskote. When he himself was chair person and led West Bengal chapter with writers community in Bengal should you ask question. If Mr Annada Shankar Roy was nothing than who you are we should care?

Ranjit hoskote’s irresponsible mail is seen and read by the writers community in Bengal. He is showing what substance he has in him. He is exposing himself to the international community and Bengal is appreciating him very much.

He says Mumbai center led by him is doing things with collaborative and receptive spirit.
But International PEN is witness in two counts that this statement is false

1) On 23 october, I voluntarily mailed him requesting my name to add ‘ writers condemn attacks on christian’ campaign, he did not add or felt the need to answer me. I was directed by International PEN. I have proof, electronic doc.
2) When terrorists attacked Mumbai 26 Nov 08, on behalf of West Bengal chapter of all India PEN Center, with more organization I collected about 500 signature for maintaining solidiarity and peace, ( renowned writers like Sunil Gangopadhyay also signed) I sent it to International PEN and to Mumbau center. International PEN took time to respond and when responded it said to liase with Mumbai center, and mumbai center did not respond. I wrote ranjit 9 Feb 09 .
the collection of signature is been posted on this blog.

Do you find he is collaborative and receptive?
This is a receipt of my life time membership issued by PEN West Bengal Chapter, 26 march 2008, signed by late Dr.Jagannath Ghosh, Hon. secretary and treasurer of West Bengal PEN chapter.

My membership with PEN is a proof when I am photographed with Mr. President of All India PEN Center. Besides, my life time membership receipt is shown here.

Ranjit says, I did not communicate with him. How many mails I have sent him, its record that electronic medium has recorded. Is he speaking the truth, at all? In my mail box I have preserved them all and printed them. I am posting this also in my next blog.

In his second point ‘Wrong number of feminism’ is my view. Taslima Nasreen had her view against her fellow writers and companions. She maligned intentionally many famous writers. I tried to criticize her with reason and logic. If you do not read her life and actions you will think she is great. But she is not. Such views are published material in land and in her land. I have just collected all the views and put these together, and I found Bangladeshi feminists are leveling as she is a wrong number of Feminism. Besides, she has bitten a lot of people, and probably, it seems biting is her another nature. You read Hanifa Deen. Read the news papers published from Bengal and Bangladesh. But it does not mean I am against her or aggressive about her. Man, First you read information than put your views or people will ignore you.

Whose tone is acceptable people will decide. Who are you. PEN is not one’s father ‘s property. Its an organization run by a set of people.

Whatever is in my blog, do not tell false anything. International PEN, Article 19 and UN all are trying to discard defamation law and Ranjit hoskote, maybe, he doesnot know that he is going against the charter and principle of international PEN. We are here to defend Freedom of Expression. Not to intimidate or threaten somebody for his/ her views. If one does so he is not a Member of PEN.

Finally I am surprised how Ranjit Hoskote became secretary of all India Pen center without letting West Bengal know.

A certificate has been awarded to me from PEN West Bengal, by Sunil Gango padhya, in presence of Late Mr. Dev Kr. Basu at Calcutta Press Club in the late eighties,


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