Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunil Ganguly Discusses India's Academy of Literature

Sunil Ganguly

Mr. Sunil Ganguly, a top-ranking poet and novelist of India is the current President of India's Sahitya Academy (Academy of Literature).

In the 60 years of the Academy's history, Mr. Ganguly is the second President from West Bengal. In this interview, Mr. Ganguly explained the role of the Academy in creating a bridge between the many different races, languages and literature of India.

Apart from giving the annual prestigious literary award to eminent poets and novelists of different Indian languages, the Academy translates literature from one Indian language to others By publishing these works, it connects literary personalities of different states of India.

Mr. Ganguly acknowledged that due to a dearth of English translations of Indian literature, the richness and wealth of Indian literary treasure is yet to be internationally known. The Academy, he said, is aware of this sad aspect and will try hard to translate Indian literary works in to English and other European languages.



Mr Sunil Ganguly is also chairman of West Bengal Chapter of All India PEN Center of International PEN

- Albert Ashok

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